Project Description

Project Overview

WEDerm Holiday Social Media Campaign

Project Overview

WEDerm Holiday Social Media Campaign

As the Graphic Design Intern for Narrative Content Group, I devised the original concept for Water’s Edge Dermatology’s annual cross-platform social media campaign to promote various holiday deals and organized the execution of each of its components.

Final Spread

The goal of the campaign was to clearly advertise twelve relevant dermatological promotions, focusing on one per day in a way that connected with Water’s Edge Dermatology’s target audience while still visually communicating the brand’s style and voice.

Being a multi-platform social media campaign, it was initially challenging to create an overall design concept that would be adaptable between Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter while also prominently showcasing the deal of the day as the focal point. By doing research and gathering inspiration, I worked on an idea that I felt would be best for the target’s intake of the content and that improved upon past campaigns in terms of presentation.

Introductory GIF

One addition that I thought was necessary was an introductory post to alert viewers that the “12 Days of Christmas” campaign was beginning soon. By using the animated GIF format and mirroring the design of the regular campaign graphics, the post was intended to stand out among the static images and entice the audience to engage in Water’s Edge Dermatology’s social media over the duration of the campaign to participate in the deals that resonated with them.

Campaign Graphics

Working within the limits of the social media post sizes, my original concept was transforming the post into a wrapped present. I tied in Water’s Edge Dermatology’s brand with the blue ribbon and included gold accents to display a more generic holiday look and feel. When appropriate, I added human elements to create a balance among the product promotions and to better relate to the audience. Together, the graphics emphasize the specific deals with subtle design details effectively encapsulating the campaign’s purpose.

Calendar Graphic

To bring the whole campaign together, I also designed a calendar to display all of the promotions within one comprehensive graphic that could be viewed on the Water’s Edge Dermatology website. I combined design features from the introductory GIF and the regular posts to be consistent with the gift theme, and focused on clear messaging that aligned with the social media campaign.

The Outcome

Even while only being an intern, I used the responsibility of heading this social media campaign, from conception to distribution, as an opportunity to apply my procedural, design, and branding skills to a real-world situation where designing for the audience’s benefit is imperative for positive action.

I felt that I gained confidence in my abilities to not only implement an original design idea, but to also introduce improvements to the campaign that set a new standard for how Water’s Edge Dermatology’s target consumers interacted digitally with the campaign.