Project Description

Case Study

Watermark Properties Group

Case Study

Watermark Properties Group

For my Digital Experience and Content Strategy course, I designed a website and supporting social media graphics for Watermark Properties Group, a luxury real estate business that helps clients buy and sell properties in the Emerald Coast region of Florida. 

Final Site

With the client having no prior digital experience for the brand, the goal was to design a standout yet professional site with modern appeal and ease of use for the target audience to engage in the buying and selling services available.

The project proved to be a challenge starting from complete scratch, but it granted me the freedom to implement the goal throughout my entire design process to create a strong brand image for users to easily interact with and trust. Not only was the client’s digital experience established across multiple platforms, his credibility in the competitive Florida real estate market was also enhanced.

Brand Assets

In alignment with the client’s overall goal, I developed assets to define the Watermark Properties Group brand. I felt that it was the most logical to make branding decisions first to have a foundation upon which the project and subsequent content strategy would have a clearer direction. I successfully combined contemporary with refined and bold with sophisticated to create a unique visual presence that is unlike any competitor.


The initial homepage wireframe depicts the structure and content areas that set the tone for the entire website, featuring previews to the rest of the pages and emphasizing the client’s value in multiple instances. Prior to the actual design stage of the site, the wireframing process helped me to determine where to position the client’s unique value proposition, calls-to-action, and paths to the rest of the website that would draw users in and retain their attention.

Social Media Graphics

In addition to the site, I created social media graphics as part of content strategy for the client’s Instagram and Facebook accounts, seamlessly implementing the brand elements on other digital platforms for a cohesive and impressionable digital experience. With the plan to post graphics daily to increase followers through raising awareness of Watermark Properties Group, each graphic that I designed focuses on different topic areas that could be utilized to include a variety of interesting content.

The Outcome

While the website and accompanying social media accounts were only used as a simulation for the client, the project was valuable for providing a more in-depth experience through the design process, user experience considerations, and the client-developer relationship.

I learned more fully how to think as a user experience designer with the overall digital experience in mind, and I feel that I successfully created a consistent brand that adhered to the central goal of the project.