Project Description

Project Overview

SkillPointe Top 40 Careers Campaign


Project Overview

SkillPointe Top 40 Careers Campaign

As a Freelance Graphic Designer for Narrative Content Group, I created a series of related graphics and video content for SkillPointe as part of a cross-platform social media campaign to highlight one of their major articles published this year.

Final Components

The goal of the campaign was to draw attention to SkillPointe’s article titled “Top 40 High-Paying Careers for Community College and Trade School Students in 2022” through coordinated graphics that reiterated similar messaging and encouraged viewers to explore the article on the SkillPointe website.

As a multi-platform social media campaign featuring distinct designs rather than a more uniform approach, my objective was to produce an overall cohesive display between the story post, static post, and video post while also providing dynamic visuals for the target audience by incorporating various raster and vector elements and a mix of brand assets with clever ideation.

Campaign Story Post


The first phase of the campaign involved releasing a story graphic for Instagram that would include an instantly accessible link to the article. Given that the article already includes a skilled trades photo collage, I edited part of it to use as the foundation of my design to better connect the graphic to the article. I then overlayed a transparent gradient of SkillPointe brand colors, added dimension to “High-Paying Careers” to emphasize the main point of the message, and left space to paste the link sticker as if it were a natural piece of the design.

Carousel Post Graphics

For the next stage, I put together a carousel-style post to spotlight top skilled trades jobs listed in the article. I created an eye-catching opening graphic to accentuate the slightly altered headline, implementing more of the orange color to emanate a bright feel while using the vector elements as relevant detailing to support the contemporary branding. To properly showcase the imagery, I minimized the outline and job title design and promoted a call-to-action afterwards to pique the interest of the audience in visiting the SkillPointe website.

SkillPointe Top 40 Video Mockups

For the final phase, I developed the idea of the “SkillPointe Top 40 Future Careers” inspired by the American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest as a way to present a more entertaining version of the article information. I imitated the style of the American Top 40 logo to make the SkillPointe Top 40 logo using brand assets and commercially available fonts. Given the simple layout of the American Top 40 song chart, I reimagined it as the SkillPointe Top 40 careers chart with several jobs from the article, their salary estimations, and thumbnail images as a visual accessory.

Skillpointe Top 40 Video

To bring the SkillPointe Top 40 logo and the careers chart together, I assembled a video to be the driver of the fun, engaging side of the campaign. I designed the introductory graphic to prominently spotlight the logo, which then transitions to the top 40 careers list while coordinated to music. Next, I organized the careers chart to scroll upward, revealing a wide array of skilled trades jobs and salaries to inform the viewers. To continue the quality of the video, I generated a sped-up scrolling effect that fades into the same call-to-action to entice the audience to comb through the full catalog of key trades careers in a consistent manner.

The Outcome

With three different formats and design requirements, I embraced the complexity of putting forward fresh concepts and executing the graphic design to unite the similarities of each component in a singular campaign aiming to increase traffic to one of SkillPointe’s most impactful articles of 2022.

Having only limited exposure to working with video content, I expanded my digital media skillset by effectively transforming my static designs into moving elements and I am pleased with how the video added value to the campaign as a more captivating perspective of the central message.