Project Description

Case Study

Scene Setting

Case Study

Scene Setting

For my UX and Web Design course, I developed the app concept for Scene Setting based on an idea related to the entertainment industry that would improve and increase users’ connections to movies and TV shows.

Final Prototype

The goal of the app is to allow users to search for any movie or TV show title to view and find out information about their notable film locations, such as the addresses, film insight, the locations’ current state, and what other users have to say about them.

The idea was inspired by my own interest in where movies or shows that I’ve really enjoyed were filmed, and my realization of how many film locations I have actually sought out and visited when traveling to a certain place. With users sharing similar hobbies, the app encourages exploration in both film watching and travel, providing a new dimension of interest to consider when visiting a new place.

Brand Assets

Scene Setting is defined by its unique color palette, simple film gear logo, minimal design, and high-quality photography of the notable film locations. After developing the concept and features of the app, I designed the brand assets to reflect the cinematic feel and visualize the overall goal in a sleek manner that is attractive to younger users. The branding decisions early in the process established a consistent base for further connection of the target audience with the main benefit of the app.


Formulating a persona of a typical Scene Setting app user was essential for aligning the app functions to solving the target’s needs as they relate to maximizing free time and travel. The persona highlights the age, personality, and relevant behaviors or habits representative of a specific range of users, helping to refine the focus on developing more valuable and receptive user experience.


After clearly defining the Scene Setting app features as direct solutions to the target audience’s needs, I drew a storyboard to detail the entire process of the app use, from the context of user actions that lead to the discovery of the app to step-by-step explanations of how each app feature works during the user journey. The storyboard portrays how Scene Setting enhances the way users experience their free time by acting as the medium in which they connect deeper to their film favorites and look forward to a new addition to travel.

Low-fidelity Wireframes

Using knowledge from the previous steps in the process about the brand assets, target user, and flow of the app functions, I created low-fidelity wireframes to determine the structure for the buttons, content, and logical progression of the pages or pop-ups. I incorporated minimal brand elements and focused on making key layout decisions throughout the app that would stand out yet be functional for users, from the overall rounded edge look to the unconventional film homepage design.

High-fidelity Wireframes

The high-fidelity wireframes bring the details in the low-fidelity wireframes to life, finalizing the app concept. In addition to implementing the overall branding cohesively, I ensured that the user would have a seamless experience along any path they took on the app, from considering all the steps involved in the “forgot password” stage to the editing capabilities that users have for their personal profile and settings. I wanted users to have a customizable experience on the app based on their film preferences, while enjoying the underlying user experience of the app’s flow and functional design.

The Outcome

This project gave me an opportunity to expand my UX skills from the perspective of mobile apps, transforming my own idea into a functioning prototype.

Through the full process of branding, persona-building, storyboarding, and wireframing, I gained a better understanding of how to design an app so that its features improve users’ lives in some way.

I feel that the final form of my app succeeded in reflecting both optimal design and transparent function for users to easily revolutionize the time they devote to their interests, fulfilling my goal of creating positive change for people.