Project Description

Project Overview

Regency Luxury Real Estate Group

Project Overview

Regency Luxury Real Estate Group

For my Commercial Printing course, I competed on a team in the Canon Solutions America University Inkjet Program Contest, serving as the Layout Editor and tasked with designing a magazine layout for a faux luxury business.

Final Product

The goal of the project was to engage in the branding process, from initial asset development to consistent promotion through print and digital mediums. Given the theme of luxury, my team created Regency Luxury Real Estate Group, an international brand that has modernized the property buying experience by incorporating virtual and augmented reality technology into its promotional pieces to allow interested parties to connect to properties from anywhere.

With the contest requirements including a 16-page magazine, relevant augmented reality elements, and a storefront landing page, the challenge for me as the Layout Editor was to design an effective and cohesive magazine layout to define the brand in a way that could be seamlessly reflected throughout its digital touchpoints.

Brand Specifications

To establish the foundation of the brand and a clear direction for the project, my team collaborated to develop a comprehensive brand guideline based off of Regency Luxury Real Estate Group’s business concept and how augmented reality will be used to supplement user experience throughout the property buying process. We decided on a color palette alluding to colors associated with royalty, sophisticated and modern typefaces, a crest-like logo, and sharp geometric elements to prominently portray its contemporary luxury and brand style at every visual level.

Digital Layout

Using the brand guideline as a starting point and gathering inspiration from credible luxury real estate magazines, I strove to design a layout that embodied three purposes: showcasing a standout company mission and consistent brand style, structuring the design to prominently display the featured properties, their accompanying information, and their augmented reality or virtual experiences, and highlighting the international scope of the real estate firm. I wanted to ensure that the design was intentional in revealing the value of the real estate experience offered to people throughout the overall magazine.

In the Press

Fostering Growth and Inspiration: Canon Solutions America Expands University Inkjet Program to Rochester Institute of Technology

Due to the success of my team’s project, our participation in the contest was included in a press release about the expansion of Canon’s University Inkjet Program to Rochester Institute of Technology. The press release highlights the project challenge presented to my Commercial Printing class and quotes my experience with the opportunities that the project gave for working as a team through the entire branding process as well as accomplishing my goals as the Layout Editor of producing exceptional quality design in a real-world situation.

The Outcome

Upon judgement by the Canon representatives based on authenticity and creativity of overall content, innovative and consistent design, and thorough branding, my team won first place in the contest, receiving the award of having our magazine professionally printed by Canon Solutions America using their inkjet technology.

I am proud of my contributions to my team, having the opportunity to combine my knowledge and skills in branding and design to carry out a vision that accurately reflected Regency Luxury Real Estate Group’s distinct brand style and purpose of improving the way people experience the property buying process globally.