Project Description

Project Overview

Petaloúda Fine Pearl Jewelry

Project Overview

Petaloúda Fine Pearl Jewelry

For my Commercial Printing course, I developed a specialized jewelry brand and incorporated a comprehensive strategy for effectively targeting different consumer segments through the design of the brand’s promotional pieces.

Final Product

The goal of the project was to integrate the branding process with targeted marketing efforts, using design as part of a strategy to increase general brand awareness through a trifold brochure and then to more specifically reach consumer segments through variable data printed booklets. Given the scope of the project, I created Petaloúda, a Greek-inspired luxury pearl jewelry brand intended for a wide range of young women aged 16 to 39.

With the brand’s unique element of allowing customers to attribute their own personal meaning to jewelry pieces, it was essential to fully understand the preferences, life stages, and experiences of the defined target segments and effectively communicate this value to resonate with each individual.

Brand Specifications

To formulate all aspects of the brand, I developed a brand guideline to provide a definitive plan for implementing the assets to emphasize the brand’s purpose throughout all of the promotional pieces. I outlined the overall brand concept and ways in which consumers can experience or interact with the brand. I also established the brand style, the associated brand assets, and a brief breakdown of specific ways to target the young female segments.

Trifold Digital Layout

For the trifold brochure, I exposed the target segments to Petaloúda equally by creating a comprehensive purchasing guide that was relevant each age group. With the three step process, I was able to successfully simplify the content through intentional design and draw the viewers’ attention to the personalization aspect of the jewelry, the product lines offered, and why Petaloúda jewelry is a powerful reminder of what matters to them.

VDP Booklet Digital Layout

Following the brochure, I designed six personalized brand booklets, with two versions each catering to one of the three defined age segments. I wanted to make the connection between the individual and the brand as authentic as possible based on their needs and important phases of their lives, personalizing by name, color scheme, relatable customer stories, jewelry collections, milestones occurring during their age range, and discount code to encourage purchasing.

I thoroughly considered how each targeted age would identify with the individualized content, even if the changes were minor, and used creative design layouts to showcase what Petaloúda has to offer both commercially and symbolically and how the brand can add a special element for women to remember when they wear the jewelry every day.

The Outcome

This project allowed me to gain in-depth experience in combining brand assets, relevant design, and the appropriate medium for promoting a brand. By implementing intentional strategy, I feel that I developed a comprehensive plan for using design to reach the target audience segments, both generally and then more personally, in a memorable way.

I enjoyed being able to create personalized experiences for young women through print as it highlighted the importance of putting the viewer at the forefront of the design process, giving me a clearer focus for determining what elements and content would be best for both enhancing their lives through meaningful jewelry and accomplishing the brand’s goal of delivering that to their customers.