Project Description

Project Overview

Infinite Beauty Co.


Project Overview

Infinite Beauty Co.

For my Package and Specialty Printing course, I formed a beauty product line and manipulated the brand design to be both attractive and informative within the limitations of specific packaging structures.

Final Product

The goal of the project was to build a comprehensive design including text, vector elements, and a process image while properly compensating the graphics to be compatible for printing on specific substrates using the flexographic method. As part of the specialty printing aspect, the additional challenge was incorporating unique effects into the layout to increase the complexity of the final print outcome.

I chose to develop Infinite Beauty Co., a modern-style makeup brand, because having cutting-edge graphics and packaging is essential in the beauty industry to help products stand out, which yielded the perfect opportunity to be imaginative with the design in order to accomplish each of the objectives.

Paperboard Thumbnail Sketch


After selecting a paperboard box as my print medium, I sketched my initial vision to ensure that the design concept on the front visually reflected the brand’s slogan, “Bring Your Beauty to Life.” I also organized the supporting content on each side that provides an in-depth look at the product and its application as well as necessary product information that would be conveyed on the back of the package. By drawing a thorough thumbnail sketch, I established a solid foundation to assist me during the digital design and special effects process.

Paperboard Digital & Press Layout

Following my sketch, I determined the brand typefaces, color scheme, and signature characteristics that would define its sleek, vivid style. While keeping some of my original design ideas the same, I finalized the digital layout by making adjustments based on the box dimensions and ultimately letting the main graphic carry the brand’s positive messaging regarding beauty.

In converting the digital layout to the press layout, I decided to add the special printing effect, which was a raised, shiny varnish, to two different graphic elements as indicated by the placeholder color needed for printing purposes. I also shaped a one-of-a-kind eyelash cutout on the top box flap to contribute to Infinite Beauty Co.’s striking branding and enhance the overall package design quality.

Flexible Film Thumbnail Sketch

In relation to the paperboard project, the next task was applying the Infinite Beauty Co. brand materials to a flexible film substrate intended to hold a product that corresponded with the paperboard product. With similar requirements as before, I again started by laying out my creative thoughts on paper along with the contextual product details and mandatory information that would appear on the back of the package.

Flexible Film Digital Layout

While the thumbnail sketch served as a good start, I pivoted from that concept and likened the design more to the paperboard model to strengthen the cohesiveness between the two packages. I spotlighted an appealing process image on the front side to convey the product’s purpose and hollowed out the same brush stroke shape behind the eye to be a window as the unique printing effect so the product could be seen while inside the package.

The Outcome

Although neither package was printed due to COVID-19 restrictions, going through the process of using structural shapes to guide my brand design and translating it to different substrate types was extremely beneficial for advancing my design capabilities.

I felt that I truly captured the essence of a real-life beauty brand through Infinite Beauty Co.’s strategic portrayal of two connected products and I learned how to leverage the special print effects to give the brand an edge in terms of both graphic and physical design.